Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

Okay, it’s not the bike.  The bike can make me anything that I’m not.  I know that.  How could I not, I seem to not shut up about it.  But there are some bikes that seem to bring the Hyde to the forefront, and lock that sweat old Jekyll away in a closet never to be heard from again.

The Krampus is one of those bikes that have that affect. 

Some folks call it “confidence inspiring.”  That’s the quality that a bike can have that makes you feel like you’re way better a rider than you actually are.  So you push yourself a bit extra hard and try to get just a little bit more air, and pedal hard on the downhill to gander just a tiny bit more speed, cuz, how would it be fun if you didn’t.  Then out of no where your on your face with a big pointy boulder having made it’s way through your helmet and smashed up your head a bit so it’s bloody and cool and shit.  All of this because of that extra bit of confidence that the “bike” magically gives you.

Actually, I don’t think I crashed because of the confidence, it was long gone before I actually crashed.  The confidence got me into a situation, then it bailed.  But that’s the cool thing about getting back on the horse after face planting on a death rock, you have a tiny bit more confidence than before cuz of not dying the last time.

Thus the cycle is born.

Ride, rinse, repeat (always repeat) and after you fall, get back up (mostly to make sure your bikes okay, that shit’s expensive.)