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Low, right side view of a blue Surly bike, parked on a sidewalk, with 2 people kneeling with a light & camera, at night

Meet the Surly ExtraTerrestrial Tire

Our Enginerds have been slaving away for quite some time honing our first ever touring specific tire. Like anything Surly, you can use it as you see fit but this tire includes added casing and sidewall protection that has not previously been used in our tires. This includes a Kevlar cap between the treads for puncture protection, a nylon breaker in the sidewall for cut protection, a pattern molded into the sidewall to help prevent cut propagation, as well as a file tread between the main tread blocks for additional puncture protection. Can I getta a heeeellll yeeeeaaaaah?

Surly ExtraTerrestrial tire - 2 Cropped sections - (Top image) Side detail - (Bottom image)Tread detail

The ExtraTerrestrial is a 26 x 2.5" tire with a very directional tread that offers a great balance between decreased rolling resistance and reliable traction. It shines on hardpack surfaces giving you plenty of traction in corners and on off camber stuff. The ET would be at home doing a long distance tour in S. America, or a pedal from S. Minneapolis through the River Bottoms.  We found it to be a good commuter tire as well, especially if your commute takes you on mixed surfaces.

Surly ExtraTerrestrial tire - Rear tire tread detail - Mounted on rear rim on a turquoise bike - Rear view

ExtraTerrestrial Details:

Size: 26 x 2.5"

ETRTO: 559mm

Casing: 60tpi

Suggested Rim Width: 24-50mm outer dimension. Approximately 19-45mm inner width. Think Alex DH19 to Rabbit Hole

Tubeless Ready Bead: The bead design is intended to interface with the bead hook on Surly and Whisky rims for tubeless applications.

MSRP: $60.00

Estimated US Instock: Winter 2016


What else have we been up to?

Just bending rods in Gray's garage to bring you the next Surly racks.


Meet the Surly 8-Pack Rack and it's bad ass brother 24-Pack Rack

Our new 8- and 24-Pack Racks share the same bombproof construction our Front and Rear racks use. They are made out of CroMoly steel with stainless steel hardware. These porteur style racks are designed to attach to forks that use mid-blade and fork crown eyelets or uni-crown barrel bosses like most Surly forks use. There is plenty of adjustability to fit a wide range of wheels sizes while still keeping the load low and tight to your bike.

Surly 8-Pack Rack - black - left side angled view - white background

Surly 24-Pack Rack - silver - left side angled view - white background

Look close and you will notice the similarities in the hardware used in our Front and Rear racks. This method of attachment yields a rock solid rack-to-bike connection that is very helpful when carrying lots of stuff on the front of your bike. There’s no flex to be had here.

Surly 24-Pack rack - silver - mounted on a turquoise Surly bike - upper fork mount detail - front view

Surly 8-Pack rack - black - mounted on a turquoise Surly bike - lower fork mount detail - left side view

Max load is 30lbs and both racks were tested to this weight with 16oz cans of....beverage.

Surly Troll bike - turquoise - with 24-Pack Rack - parked against a steel pole - cropped, right side, front end view

8-Pack Rack Details:

Tubing Diameter: 10mm

Platform Dimensions: 160mm x 270mm

Weight: 640g

Max Load: 13.6kg (30lb)

Color: Clear Coat Silver or E.D Coated Black

MSRP: $110.00

Estimated US Instock: Winter 2016


24-Pack Rack Details:

Tubing Diameter: 10mm

Platform Dimensions: 400mm x 270mm

Weight: 860g

Max Load: 13.6kg (30lb)

Color: Clear Coat Silver or E.D Coated Black

MSRP: $150.00

Estimated US Instock: Winter 2016


More details to come as the shipment draws closer. Including more for our International friends (currently looking at Spring 2016). The wait will be worth it.