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Portland Design Works sales doof Kevin Murphy, known to much of the world as Murph (a man who looks and behaves like a Jackie Gleason muppet on ether), wrote this morning to remind us of PDW's new mud guard for fat bikes, Dave's Mud Shovel.  The accompanying video illustrates in vivid color how amazingly, even effortlessly, this fender sheds overspray thrown up by 4" tires even in deep mud holes (it seems like a Luby's mom joke should go here).  My mind was blown.

The Dave of Dave's Mud Shovel fame is none other than Surly's own Dave Gray, an inventor of bike stuff and bon temps, an irrationally commited commuter, and the dude behind, among other notable Surly models, the Pugsley.  The fender even sports his actual signature should you need it to forge travelers checks. 

To sum up, I love this fender.  It is the best fender ever, period.  I encourage you to go out and purchase one right now.