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Did you know we now have tall wool socks?  These things will make you feel happier than a mule eating an apple when the weather is cold or, like it is around here currently, pretty chilly.  Made for us by DeFeet, they overlap nicely with over the knee height riding tights (known in America Inc. as Knickers, which is the word for ladies' undergarments in most portions of Britain, though in Scotland, underwear is known as "What's that?").  Here is a photo of our intern FiftyEight sporting the new Surly Tall Sock after his/her commute in. 




Surly pal Steven V, who does some design work for Surly (he annually suffers through the ADD of my last minute scheduling to get our print catalog spiffed up and ready for you), had his Cross Check stolen right outside his office one night last fall and has never quite gotten over it.  Who can blame him?  People who steal bikes suck.  We all know it.  They're petty bastards and deserve worse than they get most of the time.  Steven sends this plea.  If you live in Bloomington, MN, and ride a bike please keep your eyes open.  If you spot said bike, contact us here by writing to andy@surlybikes.com .  If it's parked, please use your lock to affix it to it's parking spot. 

Hey everybody,

Just a reminder to keep your eyes open for my Croscheck as the weather is getting warmer.  The officer seemed to think that it would be close to QBP.  Here is a description.
Metallic green 58cm Surly Cross-Check, white decals. Axiom Rack with front and rear Planet bike fenders, It has a Stella light on it (just the light I had the battery) Incredibell, Salsa Stem, Deore hubs, WTB seat. The rear fender stays were broken the back fenders rattled around, I had a Knog Frog Bullfrog seatpost rear light, Silver Profile bottle cage, A Cateye computer.

Thank you very much,


Finally today::::::

Random snapshots from Surly Intergalactic HQ's offices:


More on the Flickr.

Good luck out there.

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