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Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

First off, I hope you like the new website.  Andy and his minions spent a lot of time tweaking it into submission.  We're real proud of them, in a grouchy kind of way.  It's not perfect, but we are continuing to fix those things that need fixin'. 

One thing we are still getting the hang of is this blog thing.  The process has changed from the way it was, and the learning curve is steep for the digitally challenged folks who make up Surly.  Be patient with us and keep those expectations low.  You'll feel better and so will we.

My submission for this week is about Swervy, a.k.a. Nick Sande, leaving the grassy green Surly pastures for the dreary, wet and depressing confines of Portland, OR.  OK, I know Portland is a great place.  Don't email me with your complaints.  We did what we could to try and keep him here, but nothing we did seemed to persuade him otherwise.  We wish him well, and expect to see him on a somewhat regular basis.  Meanwhile, if you live in Portland and you cross paths with Nick, be sure to kick him in the nuts and buy him a cold one.  It will make him feel right at home.

He looks like this:

Black & white, rendered graphic -  headshot of a person smiling