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I looked out the window this moring and it looked like a snow globe. Now you can ride our bikes on serval different kinds of terrain but many folks can't wait for the first snowfall to get their Omniterra groove on or just to feel the cold snow on thier faces. It's quite a refreshing feeling. I like to do all of these things but one of my favorties is to use it as a mobile ice fishing unit.

So welcome snow! This Dump is all about you. 

Right side view of a blue Surly fat bike, laying in the snow, on it's left side
Sapporo, Japan

Right profile of a Surly fat bike, blue, standing in a snowy field

Whitefish, MT

Front left view of a Surly fat bike, yellow, facing down a snow covered hill

Budor, Norway

Left side view of a black Surly fat bike, standing in a snow covered field, with trees in the background

Lake Bluff, IL

Left side view of a Surly Pugsley bike, loaded with gear, in a snow forest

Sawtooth National Forest, ID

Left side view of a Surly bike, loaded with gear, parked on a rocky ledge, with snow capped mountains in the background


Two Surly fat bikes facing each other, in deep snow, with a yard and garage in the background

Frontyard, IA

Cropped front right side of a Surly Cross Check bike, black, covered in snow - black & white image

Grove City PA

Rear view of a Surly fat bike facing into a snowy forest

Buff Creek, CO

A Surly fat bike completely covered with snow

Moscow, ID

Left side view of a Surly bike, standing on a snowy hilltop, overlooking a forest valley, with mountains in the distance

La Canda, CA

Front view of  Surly fat bike in a snowy field

Omaha, NE

Rear view of a blue Surly fat bike, facing down a deep, snow covered trail, headed in to the forest

Pine Grove, CO

Front view of a cyclist riding a Surly fat bike down a hill, on a snowy trail, with a dog chasing behind

Stowe,  VT

Are you stoked about the snow too? Send us your pics NOW

That's all I got for this week. I'll see you back here next week eh?

I'll see you out there.