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Bob is at heart a nice guy, a fact he tries hard to dispel by riding a Harley (and dressing like it), and by hunting deer, turkey, and others of God’s magnificent creatures, which he then eats because that is how you do that. He enforces Surly’s use of social media, which is not as funny as it may sound since many people in this group truly hate the very idea of social media.

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Something only sort of…

Portland Design Works sales doof Kevin Murphy, known to much of the world as Murph (a man who looks and behaves like a Jackie Gleason muppet on ether), wrote this morning to remind us of PDW's new mud guard for fat bikes, Dave's Mud Shovel.  The accompanying video illustrates in vivid…

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Bike Night at the…

Tomorrow night will once again find Twin Cities bike cognoscenti cogdescending (guffaw!) on our venerable world class museum of fine art, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts for their 4th anuual Bike Night.  Meet at the world headquarters of Twin Six for a group ride to the museum, or just show…

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