Bikes. Parts. Chaos.


First off, I'd like to call attention to a guy that has been around here a while, Mr. Jim Claussen or "The Oracle" as we like to call him. Yesterday was Jim's last day at Surly Intergalactic HQ.

Jim is the guy who has spent many many late nights behind Burger King Burgers, Coca Colas, and spreadsheets....LOTS and LOTS of spreadsheets.

If you ride a Surly, It got made and where it needed to go becuse Jim made it happen. Jim also happens to be one of the original Surly folks. 

We will miss seeing him around and want to thank him for a all the late nights.  

Good luck on your new ride Jim!


Oh and uhhh thanks for the cookies...

Well it's been a crazy few weeks with marriages, birthdays, dogs, concrete and bikes all mixed in. So I mixed it up this week and surprised you with a Saturday Dump. Maybe enjoy your dumplins with coffee on Saturday morning, I don't know. In any case, you guys have been busy and I've got some photos to share.

So here are some dumplins to dunk your coffee into. Enjoy.



Do you have a pic of your Surly you want to share? Maybe you got some picks of all the crazy shit you hall with your bike. Load that sucker up and upload your image HERE

Since I've been thinking a lot about the last couple of decades lately, and since I used to see these guys on occasion, I thought maybe I'd share a vid with you folks. If it isn't your thing...pass it on. 

I'll see you out there.  ~Treebeard