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It’s getting to be that time around here where it starts cooling down at night and the fear starts kicking in for a lot of people.  The fear of winter.  The fear of winter is understandable, but it’s not necessary.  Squirrels fear winter – you’re not a squirrel are you?

I’m not saying you shouldn’t miss summer.  The mourning of summer is necessary because, well, summer is without a doubt a good thing and it inherently can’t last forever.  What I’m saying is that the meaning of all seasons lies in their scarcity, so celebrating summer while it’s here and letting it go when it leaves is the best approach I’ve found.

Plus, once you’ve mourned summer you can look forward to fall.   And after that you can let go of fall look forward to winter.  And maybe after that you can learn to love all seasons and start shredding for real cause it’s a lot easier to change your expectations than the weather.