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We recently received this link to a video from our Japanese distributor.  You can enhance your viewing experience by dancing.

Fleck and I met this guy (Hanzi san) at our Big Dummy Meat-Up in Tokyo last summer. He is, for the lack of a better word, enthusiastic about his Big Dummy.

Check out his flickr page for many more photos of his Dummy and his adventures. 

The topic of Hanzi san and Japan is appropo since four of us Surlies are about to embark on yet another adventure there in two days.  Trevor, Grayboy, Fleck and I will be visiting Tokyo, Nagoya, Kurashiki and Sapporo in search of things to drink and break.  We are bringing compact camcorders on this tour, so assuming we don't break (or drink) those we might come back with some footage to show or not show.  As I've preached to the choir, the bad thing about video is that it provides evidence of acts we might not want to have evidence of.  It's true, we might end up in a Japanese prison, or at the very least lose our jobs, but it will all be worth it I'm sure. 

Some evidence is just too good not to have.

Other evidence... Not so much.

See you wouldn't want to be you...

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