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Le Tour de Your-Own-Damn-Self Thinking of a cool tour? How about picking the Tour de France route from your birth year and retracing the whole thing? Sounds cool and original, right? Cool yes - original? Not anymore. Joe from Reno is doing it right now suckers. And he's doing it on a Surly - just like Coppi woulda if he wasn't deader'n hell. Joe's blog Speaking of the Tour, I heard Lance Armstrong is riding RAGBRAI this year. I'm guessing ol' Lance has me beat in terms of talent, hard work, dedication, and determination - but I bet he can't start the day with a warm Milwaukee's Best Ice Light, stop at every cemetery gathering, eat 5 gigantic Iowa pork chops a day, and roll in after dark swerving like a sailor on shore leave only to do it all again the next day. THAT'S courage my friends. - Skip -----