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Ride Dirty with Surly for Cyclofemme 2015

Surly is backing the CycloFemme ride experience again this year and I am stoked. Last year was a grand afternoon of bikes, beer, margaritas, mimosas, women, knives, some men stokers, bike shops and hugs.

This year I want to get dirty and bike pack with some awesome ladies!

Are you in?

Piper and Kate will be joining me for a pre-ride this month to make a final decision on the route.

What we know right now:

What: An easy pace, fully loaded bike pack ride

When: Sunday May 10th (yes Mother's Day in the US) ride to campground to camp and be festive. Pack up and return to start Monday May 11th.

Who: WOMEN who ride or want to ride. Men who want to support and stoke those women.

Where: Starting somewhere in Minneapolis, ending at a campground within ~ 20 miles of start. More details to come at the beginning of April.

Why: CycloFemme

In order to help us work out route and what nots it would be grand to hear from those who feel excitement about this idea. I made a Surly Monkey to help get some answers from you and not blow up my email like I usually do. Take a minute and answer my monkey please?

Click Here for the Surly Monkey

Thanks be to all!

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