Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

Day one we got to denver and ate a bunch of chips and tacos with phillip and tyler.  Salvagetti looks awesome and they are busting their ass to move surly. Lots of karate monkeys, which was a surprise to me.

Day two we drove out to Fruita, found a room nestled between two jar shops at the H motel for the weekend, and drank beer at the hot tomato until our chairs were the only ones not upside down on the tables.

Day three (today) we rode out at kokopelli and 18 road all day and had a blast. Gave out lots of coors at each respective trailhead.

Lots of kessel run and joes ridge. I shredded an older sample 120 tpi tire, but the production one is holding up like a champ. I brought a spare 27 tpi tire but left it at Selvegetti. Fucker.

Rode with a group from niner that were fast and cool. Everyone that i talked to on the trail said they've almost cleared the horsethief chute, but i didn't see anyone try it and don't really believe them.

There is a vip dinner tonight, but i think were getting pizza instead.

It's 70 and sunny here and Bob is sunburned to hell.

Thats everything so far


Andy and Bob