Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

We believe that short people DO got reason to live.

To that end, we have begun producing a 14" version of our venerable Pugsley rotund-bikes. Standover height on these wee frames will be in the neighborhood of 28.9" and the effective top tube lengths will be 22". It's going to be the best thing that happened in the history of everything.

They should be available pretty soon - like real soon. Complete bikes in yellow in mere days (maybe two weeks) and in red by sometime in October or early November. Framesets in red are available at this very moment in red (I see four of them in stock) and in yellow sometime before the end of the month.

That's good news right there people.

In other scheduling sorts of news, we'll be out of the office for a week or so starting as soon as I'm done typing this. The Interbike trade show is about to swallow us like so many Jonahs and we won't be pooped back out until September 24th. So, if you need us for something we'll be hip deep in bicycle industry overkill and expensive beers (not good beers mind you, just expensive).

If you're one of those people who work in a bike shop and attend this catastrophe, please stop by and say hello. We'll have Krampuses out the dirt star at Boulder Canyon for you to ride. If you're not a bike shop person, feel free to come stand by the chain link fence and see if you can hit us with clumps of dirt. You'll probably end up hitting the BeBop pedal guys. We've got their backs though, so we'll likely send Bob out to kick your ass.

All this means is that we won't be answering the Surly princess phones or getting back to your e-mails in a timely fashion. While this does make me queezy, my therapist says it will be good for me to take a week off of this sort of activity.

I'd like to close this segment of today's blog with the following video: