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So you’re building up a set of Rabbit Hole rims to those hubs you’ve got and you’re jazzed!  But then you realize that there are two rows of holes drilled in the rim and so there are different ways to lace up those Rabbit Holes – not unlike our other rims.

What to do????

Complete Krampus bikes come laced up using alternating spoke holes, meaning drive side spokes go to the drive side holes and non-drive spokes stay over on their non-drivey side.  That will give you the strongest wheel – but we’ve heard a few rumors that people have built up wheels this way and had their spokes rub their brake calipers when running 160mm rotors.  Frustrating!

We’ve tried a bunch of different brakes with 160 rotors and been OK, but there’s no way we can try them all.  So.

You can chance it and run those 160mm rotors and that huge brake caliper and alternating spokes.  It will probably work out.  If it doesn’t, you will have to move on to one of these two options:

1).  You can run a 180mm rotor.  That will be awesome.

2).  You can lace your wheel using only the drive side holes.  That will work sweet. 

I know it seems like a big deal now, but as soon as that bike is together and you’re riding it, you’ll have - No - We’ll have moved past this and on to bigger and better things.  Maybe we can go get ice cream!

Hi Fives,

Surly Nerd Team