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Ok, for real, it’s not really Xmas, and it’s not really July yet, but we’ve got our 2014 Fatbikes in early this year and here’s what some of them look like.

Pretty blue, dirty black, champagne and a pretty sweet old school army green with color matched rims (the spec formlery known as the Neck Romancer)

Left side view of a black Surly Pugsley fat bike with offset forks, leaning on a pallet of boxes in a warehouse

Left side view of a tan Surly Moonlander fat bike with offset forks, on a concrete floor, against a wire cage wall

Left side view of a blue Surly Pugsley fat bike, on a concrete warehouse floor, against a wire cage wall

Close up, downward view of the crank and chainring of a green Surly Moonlander bike

What does this mean for you?? Well if you don’t have a fatbike yet and you want one of ours, now’s your chance.

Also, if you just want another one.  Or tire of last years color palette (it was so 2013) we’ve got’em here.

So there’s that. The website, that has just changed a bit, will soon have all the new info about spec changes and other bits of pieces and information about new stuff. So keep an eye out.  Also, we may have a couple new bikes coming out this year, I can't remember.

Anyway, check back soon for a tale about Dirtburger.  Decorah Iowa’s premier mountain biking event (maybe not premier, but pretty sweet)

So long, and go ride.