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Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

On May 8th 2016 a group of 41 WTF riders and 2 male stokers converged on The Depot Coffeehouse to roll out on the annual Surly sponsored CycloFemme ride.

Surly CycloFemme patches laying on a table - black and gold colored

The weather was tops. 70s and sunny. We rolled out in 5 groups lead by 5 female leaders.

A group of cyclists gathered on a grassy, fenced in area, next to a red building with solar panels on the roof

A group a cyclists gathered around a red building, with solar panels on the roof

A group of cyclists in front of a red building with solar panels on the roof, with an office building background

Front view of a group of cyclists posing for a picture with their bikes, with trees in the background

Riders switched from group to group as we made our way to the vast group campsite at Carver Park in Waconia. Our mid point stop was Excelsior Brewing 10 miles in. The Surly riders held court there for a bit as some enjoyed a drink special offered only to us and others just enjoyed the weather and company. Our barrage caused only minor disruption with one patron leaving in a huff because the beer line was too long for her taste. Mostly we enacted smiles and photo ops from the other guests who wanted to know what was going on with all the bad ass riders they saw. We made a bit of a spectacle and it was grand.

A gathering of people and parked bikes outside of a building

People and bikes outside of the Excelsior Brewing Company building

A bike laying on it's side with a trailer attached behind, with bikes parked in racks, all around

A group of people gathered around an Excelsior Brewing Co. canopy

The campsite was vast and beautiful. I had to gently boot the families enjoying their mother's day picnics with a heads up that we had rented the site and there would be a load of riders coming in ready to set up and enjoy festivities. They all moved peacefully on to the public side of things.

Front view of cyclists riding down a gravel road, with trees in the background

A map of the Three Rivers -  Park District

A person cooking at a park grill, with people, Surly canopies and trees in the background

The night was filled with Frisbee, cooking over a grill using firewood because I forgot to order up the charcoal this year and general good times.

2 people posing for a picture in front of a patio fire pit, with people sitting around and trees in the background

A person holding a spatula, standing on a brick patio in a park, with people sitting behind and trees in the background

A dirt campsite inside a circle of trees with tents and hammocks attached

3 people gathered around a picnic table in a grass field with tents and trees in the background

3 people putting up a tent in a grass field with trees in the background

Front view of 2 people, shoulder to shoulder, standing in a grass field, with tents and trees in the background

2 people sitting on a picnic table, playing a board game, with people around a campfire in the background, at night

Mini Beer Pong - check them out here

Group of people gathered around a campfire at night, with Surly canopies in the background

Prize winners were pulled from a box and everyone got at least 2 things off the table. We had a lot of amazing supporters donate to the table. Stanley, iSSi, Salsa, Surly Brewing, Cat Eye, All-City, Paul Component Engineering, 45NRTH and SRAM. Surly Brewing was kind enough to supply lots of beer for the ride out and campsite and Sociable Cider Werks supplied a vast supply of Cider.

A smiling person wear a bike helmet and sunglasses, hugging 3 beer cans, with a white van in the background

We had all our bases covered. Over the past 3 years of this annual event I have had the pleasure of meeting such lovely riders. The attitudes were on point. I heard no complaints. Only laughs and good times. So if there was grumbling, thanks for staying out of ear shot. It made my night. All joking aside, I sincerely thank all that took their precious time to come out and ride with us. It was a grand celebration and the last of the overnights for Surly Sponsored CycloFemme. Next year we are mixing it up. Maybe we will even go on the road and bring our joy out of state....

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