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Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

Nature don’t care about what that cactus just did. Nature don’t care what time you got here. Nature don’t care about your tire pressure and your sunscreen. Nature don’t care about your wet socks. Make some new friends, cheers some old ones. Make motor noises on fast and loose descents. Laugh more than you cuss. Drink the whisky, start your fire, pitch your tent, find a new city and start all over. 

Two Surly bikes, laying on desert grass beside a dirt trail, and another parked against a sign on the other side

Rear view of a cyclist and their fat bike, laying in the brush on the side of a dirt trail in the desert hills

Downward, right side view of the back of a Surly fat bike, laying in tall grass, at the base of a cactus covered hill

Distance rear view of a cyclist riding a Surly fat bike across a desert hill with bushes and cacti

About Kippley

Amy Kippley a.k.a. Kippley

Amy brings with her an impressive cycling resume as a mechanic and industry pencil pusher. Both worlds of knowledge serve her well in her role here as she communicates with our suppliers and facilitates all the things that go along with getting our bikes produced and hanging parts on them. In her personal life Amy has a thing for Abraham Lincoln and a lifelong love of NASCAR, which is actually car racing believe it or not. Huh. It’s a strange world. Someone should sell tickets.