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Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

Over the weekend I saw a posting from an online bike dealer that caused some chamois to bunch up. They posted the image below with a tag line You don’t get legs like this pushing a gas pedal!

 Front, chest down view of a person, on the left side of a bike and sitting on the top tube - black & white image

Commenters took them to town for posting a waifish pair of legs in strappy high heels leaning up against a toe cage clad fixie. I copied some of the comments below for context:

 “Or riding a bike”

“You get legs like those from not eating”

“I would look stupid with legs like that.”

“If you WANT a woman with legs like that you must never want to ride bikes with women. Real cyclists have real muscles. Not toy Barbie legs.”

“Your Art Director needs to go back to Cosmo.”

“Those are not cyclist legs, nor is she gonna ride that bike with toe cages and high heels. I'd actually like to see her on it, and see what happens when a slight grade appears. That would be funny.”

“Cigarettes and cocaine”

“I suppose she rode that fixie to the shoot in those heels too right? Give me a break. #chickenlegs”

Needless to say this was a pretty big swing and a miss on connecting with their intended audience.

I could go on about the tiny thighs, unforgiving-plastic-looking-painted on pants, strappy high heels and such but in all reality, does it really matter? Being someone who has ridden a dirt bike in a mini skirt and strappy sandals, I am not one to judge someone else’s choice in ride gear.

I did feel moved to gather my very own collection of rider legs since I am swimming in material on a daily basis.

A 16 image collage of the left side views of Surly bikes with a person standing in front of them

Here are a few pics of my co-workers, friends, and random cyclists who happen to work close by. Some are thin, some are thick, some are short, some are tall, some are hairy, some are smooth, some tattooed, some with freckles, some scarred, some are oddly unblemished, but one thing I know for sure – all ride bike

Now untangle from the internet and go ride your bike. There is nothing to see here anyway.