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Information starts now:

Moonlander framesets are in stock now.

That's the good news.

The bad news is that there are very few Clownshoe rims. Most of the rims that have been produced were routed to complete bike production, so you tinkering, frame-up sorts (exept for a few of you) are going to be left wanting for a bit. We'll have a few more Clownshoes in early January. We wish we had enough, but we don't.

Here's the important part: if you have your bike shop order a frameset, THEY MUST CALL US TO GET THE RIMS ON THE ORDER. They will not be able to put rims on a regular website order that they may be used to using.

Moonlander Mr. Whirly spindles are in stock and can be ordered. MWOD chainrings are in stock and can be ordered.

If you don't know what these things are, then it's probably not important to you. That's ok, you're still a good person who is valued and important.

In other news: Neck Romancer Pugsley frames are going into stock. Remember that the name is just the name of the color scheme and should not be a big deal in your life. In fact, it does not say Neck Romancer, Black Ops, Dingle Hole, or Dave's Closet on any of the frames or parts anywhere.

Also, please note that the Neck Romancer comes as a FRAME ONLY. They do not come with forks. What you do is this - you buy the frame and then choose whichever of the four forks we produce: 135mm offset (the one that comes stock on the Pugsley), 100mm non-offset, 135mm non-offset, or the Moonlander 135mm non-offset - which is now available. You will not get a fork if you do not order one with your frame.

Also, Ogre compete bikes are in stock now. This is exciting for me. I can tell because parts of me are sweaty and it's cold outside. Order these and have fun.

In other cool news, we also now have framebags produced by our good friends at Revelate Designs. They are specifically made for the Pugsley and the Moonlander (and have specific part numbers for the various frame sizes) and they look like this:

Right side view of a mustard yellow, Surly Pugsley fat bike with a frame bag, parked in a room

We will also have some soon for the Karate Monkey/Ogre frames.

Thanks. You're our only hope.