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Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

Good day Friends,

It's that time of year when all the hard work of the design and engineering chipmunks becomes real honest-to-goodness bike parts. We're real proud of all the new bits and we hope you'll dig them too. They'll all be displayed at the two big bicycle industry trade shows coming up here shortly: Eurobike (picture lots of faux-hawks, strategically bleached tight jeans, and bike parts) and at Interbike (picture lots of goatees, baggy shorts, dudes saying "Brah!", and bike parts.) We wanted you to have a glimpse first - because we love you and would like a chance to get you in the back seat of our very large Amercian car.

So, what's the overall outlook? Sexy! (in the way that a Swiss Army Knife is sexy - or in the way that a really good pair of work boots is sexy).

We've got two new frames to show in the Ogre and the Moonlander. The Long Haul Trucker will now have a disc brake option for those of you so inclined. We've got new complete versions of the Troll, the Moonlander, and a new Pugsley build to augment the current one (that means they'll both be available.) There are a couple of new tire choices for yinz fat bike enthusiasts out there and we've made some changes to many of our current bike and frame models. Also new: The Long Haul Trucker and the Ogre will come in XXL - 24" for the Ogre and 64cm for the LHT.  We've got Clownshoes, Black Floyds, MWODs, Nates, Marge Lites, Lady Fingers, Black Cats, Whistling Bung Holes, Husker-Dus, Husker-Don'ts (with or without the scooter stick!), and lots of good old American Chaos to spread over the whole sandwich.

Take my hand and we'll stroll through the new things - together.


Behold the fatness. We'll save the discussion of why fatter is more-er until a later time. Suffice it to say that you get more float and fewer obstacles with the Moonlander. 4.7" tires are the key. A few details: It still uses 135mm spaced hubs front and rear. Works with 100mm Clownshoes rim and 26" x 4.7 tire. Wheels use a bigger offset - 28mm. MWOD (Mr. Whirly Offset Double) cranks required along with a longer spindle.

Color: Space (black with metal goodness flakes) The above picture really doesn't do it justice, so keep an eye here for detail shots later.

MSRP: frameset: $700, complete bike: $2350

Due Date: frameset: Late September 2011, complete bike: Mid-December 2011


New products to accessorize the Moonlander - not unlike the way a fabulous handbag or smart cravate completes an outfit:

Big Fat Larry

26x4.7 on a 100mm rim. 120 tpi. Really really big.

Yes, it will fit into a Pugsley frameset on a Large Marge rim. HOWEVER, You will no longer be able to use your small ring or largest three or four cogs in the rear due to tire/chain disagreements.

Color: Tire colored

MSRP: $140

Due Date: Aug 2011 - like very soon



100mm rim. Single wall with cutouts for lightitude. 64hole pattern for offset and non-offset wheel builds. 960g.

We will also have a non-holy Clownshoe for the budget-minded. It will weigh more and cost less. Details to follow.

Color: Black anodized

MSRP: $200

Due Date: 2011


MWOD Mr. Whirly Offset Double

Big big tires mean more problems with chains rubbing on tires. Using the existing Mr. Whirly crank arms, we've devised a system where the space previously occupied by your middle ring, now houses a granny ring. The outside position will now accommodate a middle ring. These are rings of our design and will not work with other things in the universe. Options are 20/32 and 22/36.

Essentially, the granny ring mounts right up to the Whirly's spider mounting holes and then the middle ring attaches to the granny. You should see it. Really.

MWOD will also use a longer spindle than the current Pugsley spec spindle.

Color: Black

MSRP: $310 for the whole shootin match crankset, $65 for a set of two rings for your current Whirly.

Due Date: End of September 2011



If you think this frame looks like a Karate Monkey, you'd be right. If it looks like a Troll, you'd also be right. Take one part 29er classic, add the dropouts and braze-ons necessary to take you to places you probably ought not to go, mix in trailer hauling genius and you have the Ogre. It's the 29er that does everything. Racks, fenders, trailers, Rohloff, disc brakes, v-brakes, it will all work.

Did I mention that it will come in 16", 18", 20", 22", and NOW SUPERSIZED 24" frame size? That's right. Big frames for the big folks. Get your Andy Wood on today (or when it's available).

Color: Medium Green

MSRP: TBD - likely in the $495ish range

Due Date: Mid-December 2011


Karate Monkey

Since we've got the do-everything Ogre to haul the load and help you explode, we thought we'd tinker a bit with the classic Karate Monkey. New for 2012, the venerable bench-mark of the 29" world will lose its cantilever brake studs and get a fork tune-up to the tune of thinner guage tubing. The geometry does not change. It just gets a bit more single(track) minded.

Color: Remains Black or  Battleship Gray

MSRP: frameset: $475, complete bike: $1120

Due Date: Mid-December


Troll Complete Bike

We've taken the Troll and put parts on it. They're smart. They're the parts we ride and they make sense in a world of increasing confusion.

Color: Stil Agent Orange because orange is nice

Complete Bike MSRP: $1399

Due Date: Early October 2011


Disc Trucker

(no picture yet - but picture a Long Haul Trucker with disc brakes and you'll be just about there - also, it will be available in Super Dark Green, so picture that too, or black.)

For a very long time people have asked us to offer a disc brake version of the touring standard Long Haul Trucker. This year you'll get your wish. We'll offer both frameset and complete bike in EITHER a disc brake OR a cantilever/v-brake version. Sure, that makes our lives a little more complex and gives you one more decision to make, but we're cool with that. We did not simply slap some disc tabs on the LHT. Instead, we will offer the disc-specific version for those who do and the classic version for those of us who like the classic lines and unencumbered silouette of the current model. Have your cake and also eat it (if you want a second bike). All current sizes and wheel options will be available with disc or without.

Both disc and non-disc LHT models will ALSO NOW BE AVAILABLE IN A SUPER BIG 64cm SIZE for the tall folks (the 64cm will only come in 700c - man, this is confusing). The Trucker DeLuxe (the S&S coupled one) stays canti-only, 26" only, and blue.

Color: Super Dark Green or Black

Complete Bike MSRP:

Due Date: February 2012 give or take



Surly's all-day roadie gets old graphics, a new color, and 10 speed Tiagra components. We've also updated the crown and rear tire spacing to allow for true 700x32 tires or 700x28s with fenders. This also means that the frame will no longer work with any short reach (read: Dura-ace, Campy, 105, SRAM Rival, etc) brakes - only standard (47-57mm) reach calipers baby.

Color: Sparkleboogie (metallic blue)

MSRP:  frameset = $465, complete bike = $1175

Due Date: Mid-December for both complete bikes and framesets

Puglsey has a new set of clothes: Black Ops Pug

This new option will feature blacked out components, rims, spokes, black and gray decals. Mr. Whirly cranks with MWOD rings to get around the tires on Rolling Darryl cutout rims.

It will be available as a complete bike (price TBD) or as a frame with NO fork. Choose one of our three fork options up front.

The current white Pug with its current spec will live on as an option.



Hey, you wanted some tire choices for your Pugsley didn't you? I thought you did.

How about Black Floyd?

26x3.8 and slick like BrylCreem. Pump it up and go fast. Works best with 65mm Large Marge rims. 120tpi or 27tpi.

Color: Tire colored

MSRP: 120 tpi = $120, 27 tpi = $90

Due Date: August 2011


Or maybe Nate 3.8?

Nate gives new meaning to the word nobby. These will give you gription when you just can't get enough.

Color: Tire colored

MSRP: 120 tpi = $120, 27 tpi = $90

Due Date: August 2011

Marge Lite

We've taken the classic 65mm Large Marge and chopped and channeled it into a single-walled, perforated light weight action rim. 690 g. 64 hole pattern for symmetrical or offset builds. So many choices.

Color: black anodized

MSRP: $145

Due Date: October 2011


That's a lot of new to soak in. Please let us know if you have questions.