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New News From Old Surly Pal

Perhaps you recall from a few years ago a group of individuals who rode their bicycles over and along the continuous ridge of mountains that run north to south, the continental divide created by the upsurge of clashing tectonic plates along western flanks of North and South America.

They called their effort Riding The Spine.

We have been fortunate to hear back once in a while from some of them. In one case, a few years ago, Goat was in Argentina with something of a mechanical and wrote to ask if we could send him what he needed to get fixed and moving. I put together a care package and sent it off but it failed to arrive. Our man behind the scenes, Tanner, did some ace detective work but got nowhere with Argentinian customs. Goat was appreciative anyway and appeared nonplussed and amiable. I did not hear much after that. A few days ago I got an email from Goat.

good day
hope all is well

l am by chance in argentina again
and it turns out the stuff you sent
did finally arrive…

only about a year too late

didnt really make sense to try to take it back to the US with me
(l´m not bike touring at the moment)

so a friend (bambucicleta.com.ar) and l
whipped up what is probably the only fat bike in south america

thought l´d send a photo

I wrote back with encouragement and questions and he responded:

right on

l didnt get to ride it
frustrating though that is
(the problem with being on car time)

had to leave 6 in the morning after finnishing it at midnight or something
the polyester resin needs to cure for a while to reach full strength anyway

l´ve been in patagonia walking not biking
trekking with my mom
in all the famously beautiful places down here

then went for a week or so to visit some friends in argentina
which turned into a week or so of bike building
with a little bike riding thrown in

now l´m off to canada for a bit
whre l will meet up with a fellow fatlongbike tourist
and we will see what happens…

as for the patagonao bamboo fat bike
l´m concerned that the seat stays will be a little bit anoying
too close to the path of the legs
especialy in the non drive side

hopefully the recipient shreads it

rock on

And so begins another chapter. More news as events warrant.

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