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A long time ago, a friend of mine gave me a ticket to an excellent show. I got to see Eagle Twin and Sunn O))) play in San Francisco. Sunn was good for all the reasons you would expect them to be, and the drummer for Eagle Twin ended their set by punching through his snare drum after losing a stick on the second to last beat of the last song. It was a rare showing for those bands, and it was completely mind-blowing. The show was sold out, but I got a ticket because my friend broke up with his girlfriend earlier thus granting him an extra.

It’s true that sometimes the accidental happenings that occur throughout people’s lives can be a windfall for those around them ­– thusly – it is going to be snowing fat bikes this Christmas! Turns out, we ordered a few too many of certain OmniTerra models, and now they gots to go. This is good news for you, the reader, because it means you will have no choice but to buy yourself a ‘fat’ bike for Christmas. Go ahead, take advantage of this Omni-fabulousness, rock the bike that started this whole thing. Here’s the deal:

We’re lowering prices on some overstocked completes but to say ‘lowering the prices’ doesn’t really do justice to how ridiculously inexpensive these bikes are. These prices are lower than a limbo contest in Death Valley and they're good for our US customers only.

Pugsley now costs a paltry $899.00

Pug SS, $799.00

Pug Ops, a meager $999.00

Moonlanders, $1199.00

Ice Cream Truck Ops, $1199.00

As you can see, I was not kidding about how low these prices are. This is for a selection of in stock, current model year OmniTerra bikes. Get yourself to your local shop and talk to the people manning the counter there, they are the ones that will get you set up with one, or five of these newly priced bikes. The holidays have been known as the time of year when everyone gets fat, so why not join in by getting a neato fat bike at an unheard of price? I can't answer that question, can you?

Get a Pugs. They're a lot of fun.


A cyclist, with a can in their mouth, carrying a red Surly Pugsley fat bike through knee deep snow


A cyclist, riding a red Surly Pugsley fat bike, thrashes through deep snow in the woods