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Although I'm still clinging to winter, riding my Pug and taking turns at the local ski hill. I am thinking about taking camping trips with one of my favorite bikes in our lineup, The Big Dummy. I LOVE THIS BIKE.
Its like my pickup truck. One of the many great thing about this bike is the way it rides. You would think that having such a long wheelbase would do weird things to the ride feel but it doesn't. It rides great and serves many purposes.  If you hadn't heard, we just announced the MY2017 Dummy. Here is a look at the new beast colored deck and all. I can't wait to see these start rolling in to the dump. 








And so this week I thought I'd show some of your Dummy's, and so it is.



Tempe, AZ

Goleta, CA

Davenport, IA

North Carolina

​Stewartville, MN 

Burke Lake, Virgina


Glencoe, Scotland 

Marietta GA

Tromsø, Norway

Super Secret

Seattle, WA

Uncompahgre Plateau, CO

Minneapolis (see Tyler, made your bike famous)


I'm headed out to make a few turns on somehting they call a ski area. Don't worry I will destroy it. I'll be back next week. 
Don't be shy, upload your ride HERE

I'll see you out there.