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Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

So I got to spend some quality time today riding the old pug, across/around/above the beautiful Lake Nokomis, here in cold-ass Minneapolis; 1 degree with negative 23-degree wind-chill. 

Truth be told (why would I lie) I love riding in the cold and snow. The only part I hate is the part where I am getting ready to go out into it.  Dread, is the word.  It’s funny how despite the fact that I truly love the ride, I dread going out into the cold so much that it keeps me from doing it sometimes.

There are a lot of things like that in my life.  Once I’m in the middle of doing them, I’m in heaven, but when it comes time to get ready I find my preference waivers over to playing video games with Jethro.

Anywho, none of that has anything to do with why I’m writing this today.  I just like to ramble.  The point of this whole thing is really the pug.  It’s not really the old pug, it’s really pretty new, and it’s showing off some pretty cool stuff that we brought in this year.

Here’s a picture.

Front view a person, wearing their baseball cap on backwards, is folding a hoodie, in a storage room

Many of you are probably aware that we sometimes do small runs of colored rims, like the orange ones on the bike that came out this year.  Now don’t get too excited about those, cuz we’re sold out and not making any more.  Something you can get excited about, however, is the decal kit on the bike.


Downward, right side view of a black Surly Pugsley bike with orange rims, laying on it's left side in snow

This year we did decal kits for Pugsleys and Moonlanders that match the wacky colors we did with the Marge Lites, Rolling Darryls and the Clown Shoes. Orange, Yellow and Silver. (the Orange is on the Pug)

Downward view of Surly Pugsley bike decals, laying scattered on a brown surface

We sort of got the idea from our trips to Japan.  The riders over there like to really spruce up their bikes, and we think they look pretty cool.  Custom paint jobs, matching tape, some of them even get custom decals made.  The bikes are no less Surly, they’re just all matchy and flashy.  Something that many riders really like.  Also something that many riders hate.  But we can’t all be happy all of the time, unless we take Jethro with us everywhere. Here is one of those cool Japanese bikes I was talking about.

Downward, right side view of a copper Surly Cross Check bike, laying on it's left side on pavement

Downward, right side, front end view of a copper Surly Cross Check bike, laying on pavement

And here is what I looked like when I got back from the ride.

Headshot of a cyclist wearing a bike helmet, with an icy beard and mustache

So if you like the decal kits and want one, you can order it through your local bike shop.  If you don’t like them, you can order many other awesome things through that very same shop. 

So get out there to that shop and order something, and while you’re at it, ride your bike dammit!!