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Phiddlin’ with Phil vol 1


HI, I’m Phil, Phil Raitt, I procure the bits y’all in turn acquire from our esteemed dealer network. Sometimes while consulting the magic 8-ball and staring blankly into my future tellin machine, I listen to some good ol’ music (NOTE: it aint’ the music most here listen to, but whatever, I ain’t like most of my cohorts no how)…here are a few tunes that have recently been kickin around the Pandora listenin box…

Hank III – Not Everyone Likes Us



David Allen Coe – The Ride



Johnny Cash – Devils Right Hand



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About Phil Raitt

Jim purchases from our suppliers and organizes the data which comprise the skeleton of our business. This is in no way an easy job, but despite this he manages not to have a heart attack on a near daily basis, and in his role at this particular organization that’s on par with Keith Richards or Louie Anderson. In his free time Jim enjoys American civil war re-enactments, combing his beard for fleas and many other fine outdoor activities.

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