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Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

​Hey There,

I’ve not seen you fine folks in a while. I’ve been busy with all the goodies we have coming your way this year. That, and I went to Amsterdam

a few weeks ago. I can’t wait to go back again sometime. Anyway, the Dump has taken a back seat, sad to say.

I’ve been seeing all the good stuff you folks have been submitting though and I’m only too happy to share it.The good news is I’ve been saving them up for one massive Dump today.


Here is some tunes to go with your Friday maybe inspired by my recent trip.

Skip or play, whatever you like.



Big Fat Dummy














Wow, that’s a lot of clicks, two beers worth!

Boomhauer would be proud.

Told you folks it was a massive Dump. Hope you’ve enjoyed it.

I’ll try to make this flow a little more regularly so why don’t you help out.


I’M TREEBEARD, and I’ll see you out there.