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Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

This is the time of year when people take a look at what was. So today I find myself doing the same thing, looking at old photos and thinking about the places I've been, rides I've been on and such. One day that came to mind was a particular Wednesday in November of last year.

I was working at my desk when at about 4:00, Fleck approached me and said..."uuuuhhh are you busy this weekend? "Not really", I replied. "Can you go to Colorado tomorrow?"  My eyes lit up as I said, "What time?", "Flight is at 7:00 a.m." , "Hell yeah!!" Fleck replied. "Great I'll book the flight."

What followed was a crazy flurry of activity including packing getting the bike packed and taking care of some winter related household duties until about 2:00am. Some how I got to the airport at about 5:00 and that is where it all began. Pretty crazy, I think I was just going to vacuum the house or some mundane shit like that. Next thing I know I'm in Colorado. 

I was pretty excited to travel with fellow Duluthian and Enginerd Extraordinaire Slippers Cortez. He is always fun to travel with. We were picked up at the airport by QBP rep Tyler Anderson who is a lot of fun and all around good cat. He did a ton of work to get this event off the ground and is always a great help to us when we are in the area. 

Though Salvagetti is sadly no longer around, we sure appreciate the good times we had, and friends we made. 

I think photos tell the story best so here we go.


View from an airplane window of circle shaped fields, with pink haze

No Sleep Flight

A person wearing and another with a large beard, hold glasses of beer

The One and Only Uni-...uh I Mean Slippers Cortez
View inside a bar, with people sitting in chairs, belly up

First night always involves a stop to a couple of breweries and catching up with old friends.
A group of people gathered in a dark room, at a brewery bar

Of course had to see our friends at TRVE brewing.

A full glass of beer on a wood bar top

A person wearing a flannel shirt, kissing another person with a cringing face, on the check, while seated at a table
Go Fish is a regular stop when we are in Denver. Ben is feeling the love from Phillip.


Cropped, front view of an orange bike

Reunited Boliver & Co with his formerly stolen KM

A person wearing a black stocking cap, putting a fender on a bike fork, in a workshop
Ben Building up his Steed. 

A person standing over a pile of biking packs, with a bike and a van in the background

Time to load the bikes and head for the hills. Get off my pack Wheelie!

Left side view of a person holding a pair of broken glasses

I am not sure how it happens but every time I travel with Ben, he breaks his glasses. No exception this time. 
Front view of a person wearing glasses with tape on the bridge, behind the steering wheel of a motor vehicle
Nothing a little Eningerdery won't fix.


A pile of camping gear, in front of the rear of a van, and a truck with topper, with a forest in the background

Lets get this thing started. 

Surly canopies with people and bike underneath, on a clearing in a pine forest
People and bikes underneath Surly canopies, on a clearing in the forest

A 3 section Surly canopy, with people, bikes and gear underneath, in the forest
A small white dog on a leash, wearing a reflective vest
Hey, I remember you fella!


Cropped view of a person's scraped up forearm

There's always a few Scrapes


Front view of a smiling person, with cars and trees in the background

Krampus Face

Front view of a person wearing glasses with red tape on the bridge, standing under a canopy with bikes and people

Hey this is a classy joint, gotta stay fashionable.

Rear view of a person wearing a hoodie, holding a rifle with a pink stock and butt, pointing towards the forest
Target Practice.

Colored lights lit up at night, with the moon shining through clouds above, with a campsite in the background

Happy hour and nightime boche ball = Rad

A sheet of tin foil with cut up potatoes insideA hand cutting up a potato on a flattened Coors beer box

Downward view of a person wearing a headlamp, preparing food on the ground, at night

Dinner time hobo style.

People gathered around a campfire, in the forest, at nighttime

Nighttime with people taking shots from a snow ski, with holes in it for holding shot glasses


A cyclist riding a fat bike, jumping over a campfire, at night

​Gotta have Fire Jumping

Left side, blurred view of a cyclist riding a blue Surly fat bike, over a campfire at night

(photo courteously of Lincoln Phillips)

Front left side view of a cyclist riding a blue Surly fat bike, jumping over a campfire at night
(photo courteously of Lincoln Phillips)

People gathered, watching a cyclist on a blue Surly fat bike, jumping over a campfire, at night in a forest

(photo courteously of Lincoln Phillips)

Front view of a cyclist on a Surly fat bike, jumping over a campfire at night, with spectators watching

(photo courteously of Lincoln Phillips)

Close up view of water beads on green tent fabric

Morning Dew on the Tent

2 People wearing baseball caps, sit side by side on a rock eating breakfast, with the forest in the background

Breakfast with Friends
A person making a cup of coffee under a canopy, with people and fat bike in the background

(photo courteously of Lincoln Phillips)


Front view of a cyclist riding a Surly Instigator bike down a dirt trail, on a grassy hill

A cyclist riding a bike down a steep, rocky trail


Front, right side view of a cyclist, riding a green Surly bike on a dirt trail, with a grassy hill in the background

Rear view of a cyclist riding down a dirt trail, in a grass field with leafless trees, and hills in the background

Front view of 2 cyclists, riding on a dirt trail, in a grassy field with logs and leafless trees

Upward view of 3 cyclists, in a brown, grassy field

A person wearing glasses with tape on the bridge, sits under a painting of Luke Skywalker and Yoda, on wall behind

Story Checks Out

A person with a bushy beard, wearing sunglasses, sitting at a table on the porch of a wood building

WOW!  That was quite a trip! All unaware of the what was about to go down sitting at my desk on Wednesday evening.

I'm a pretty lucky guy! 

We will be getting out more this year so we hope to see you out there! 


Crop view of a person's beard and trees in the background