Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

Don't forget, tonight is Bike Night at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Bicycle Film Fest Movies are screening as BFF launches the Minneapolis leg of it's tour at the MIA on this night. There is a ride meeting at 5 at Gold Medal park in MPLS and riding to the MIA.  There are lots of other things planned too, not to mention a whole passel of giveaways, including the chance to win a Surly Long Haul Trucker for doing nothing more than being there.  Several Minneapolis custom framebuilders will be there, showing off their own works of art. 

One On One, The Hub, Freewheel, Dero racks, Twin 6, BFF, Surly Intergalactic and more are all helping out in one way or another as the beautiful people at the MIA welcome with open arms and big smiles the MPLS cycling people.  Bikes, movies, cool people, beautiful works of art.  You should really go.


Oh yeah, plus Peter saw this on the front page of the Star Tribune Twin Cities and Region section this morning:

The story is about a pilot program for neighborhood compost recycling.  Click on THE STAR TRIBUNE'S PICTURE above for the full story.  Thanks to the Strib for letting me use that photo even though I didn't ask.  And thanks also to Mikey Weitekamp and Sonya Ewert for riding Long Haul Truckers to get the job done.  You guys are rad.