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Oh, what the hell…

We thought we'd go ahead and show you our goods early this year. Lots of you have seen photos from Eurobike on the Information Superhighway. Usually, we quite enjoy dangling our secret things just out of sight making clever allusions and moderately witty sidelong comments until the big Interbike show in Las Vegas. But, we're just going to go ahead and blurt out the answers this time.

E-mail us if you have questions - derby@surlybikes.com



It will haul 300lbs of stuff

Two lengths available – short (32” - pictured) and long (64”)

DIY mounts all over it. Make your own bed, add some uprights, strap down your friends

16” heavy duty wheels

Fits on bike frames with wheel sizes from 20” to 29” with height adjustability to keep the load level – also adjustability to keep the trailer centered on the rear wheel.

The hitch is compatible with most bikes - full suspension, disc brakes, whatev (see caviats below.)

Fits 120mm to 145mm rear frame spacing

Fits through doorways

Won’t fit Pugsley. Won’t mount on Big Dummy axle given the space taken up by the Dummy’s rear bits. Mounting it through the rear horizontal tubes of the Dummy will be a possibility, but the trailer’s load limit will be reduced since the trailer is no longer attaching at the axle.

MSRP - $750 short $775 long

It will cost roughly the same as a Big Dummy if you get a new $1100 or so bike at the same time. It will fit in your apartment better than the Dummy and be removable for times you don’t need it.

ETA: Spring 2011



The idea behind this sucker is a commuter, tractor, off-roader, tourer, dethmachine.


1x1 geometry with 100mm suspension-corrected fork

Multi-use dropout – horizontal rear track-end type with der hanger, fender/rack eyelets, AND trailer specific mounts that will work with Surly trailer nuts (10x1mm thread)

Disc on chainstay for rack and fender friendlieness

Rohloff compliant

Frameset MSRP: $495 Complete bike? Maybe.

ETA: November


New Pugsley rim – the Rolling Darryl

82mm width for maximum footprint with fat tires

Single wall with cutouts make it light - some changes to the current cutouts shown at Eurobike (and above) are currently being discussed

64 hole drilling makes one rim work for symmetrical and offset (Pugsley) builds

MSRP: $TBA we’ll let you know

ETA: November / December


Big Dummy

No more swoopy top tube (come on, get over it.) New straight top tube increases torsional stiffness, reduces weight (a little), and is theoretically stronger. Standover is about the same.

New spec brings complete bike price down – Deore, Truvativ, etc – still Surly approved for durability.

Frameset MSRP: $950  Complete bike MSRP: $1840

ETA: Frames November, Bikes December



Now available as a frameset OR as a complete bike

Frame keeps the standover increase we added for 2010

Rear disc mount redesigned to make removing and installing wheel easier – no more loosening disc caliper adapter bolts

Top tube cable routing with new Trip Guides

No more cantilever bosses – disc only

Color is now Snowblind White – looks badass

Frameset MSRP: $575  Complete bike MSRP: $1550

ETA: Frames Early October, Bikes Late October


Karate Monkey

New top tube for standover clearance – about 1” more than current/previous models

Rear disc mount redesigned to make removing and installing wheel easier – no more loosening disc caliper adapter bolts

New color – battleship gray, black also

Top tube cable routing with new Trip Guides (not pictured above, but it'll have 'em)

Rack mount above brakes on seat stays

New spec brings complete bike price down

Frameset MSRP $470  Complete bike MSRP:$1050

ETA: Frames late October, Bikes late October



New component spec for complete – now more path racer style with fatter tires, upright Open Bar, lower gearing, still fixed

Available in black and also now in gray-green called Meth Teeths

Frameset MSRP $420  Complete bike MSRP: $799

ETA: Black new spec bike November, Meth Teeths frames and new spec bikes February



Fork now has mid-blade rack eyelets on both frameset and complete bike (some current stock will not have this eyelet)

Robins Egg Blue replaces Beef Gravy (we actually had a vegan complain about the gravy color once – that isn't why we changed it. Let's ease up folks)

Frameset MSRP: $440  Complete bike MSRP: $1099

ETA: Black eyelet completes available now; Robins Egg frames and bikes November



Still exists, still single, still deadly

New geometry includes 100mm suspension correction plus same top tube as Karate Monkey/Big Dummy/Pugsley – standover remains the same due to new top tube design (otherwise, giving it the 100mm sus correction would have raised it)

Rear disc mount redesigned to make removing and installing wheel easier – no more loosening disc caliper adapter bolts

Black only – Frameset only

Frameset MSRP: $475

ETA: October

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