Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

I love working for Surly. I am a kid in a candy store every day. Grabbing bikes to take for a spin when they come back from demos, impatiently waiting for the return or the arrival of a demo or better yet a proto to ride!

I had the pleasure of being the tester of the itty bitty ECR frame when it arrived. First ride was on the Surly retreat which was when it was top secret so no pics. Here it is stripped down for a trail ride day though.

I was asked to set it up with an available wheel set so relax people. I am aware those aren't the wheels you are looking for.


I sat on my hands waiting for the demo crew to check in the demo Stragglers so I could get my chance to see what had been created.

I was so nervous about having this gal out with me I snuck her in and tucked her within eye sight.


The beautiful new Pacer demos came in and off I went! A little too quickly as I forgot my lock.

I made due with what I had.

This works right?

Junk Strap use #1,666


It's a great gig for someone like me who gets emotionally attached to inanimate objects. As long as I don't officially own the rig I can return it and move on to the next. If it's mine, I fall hopelessly in love and cannot fathom parting ways. It took me 10 years to sell my old full sus Stump Jumper even though I had moved on and never rode it. I still think about the good times we had.

I recently have considered purchasing a shiny new street ride. Stragglers should be available soon (whatever that means) and I have taken a liking to the Pacer more than ever. But what about the Long Haul or Disc Trucker or Steamroller or even a slick set 1x1?? So many choices! All requiring the monies. Husband suggested I sell my Cross-Check and replace it with one of these rigs I keep talking about. I thought about this on a recent ride with Lola and I just can't do it. That bike has been bullet proof. It is my go to rig and I can't fathom not having it hanging within reach for an every day ride. It is still set up stock. I have done nothing but ride it and slap the occasional sticker on it.

Bike Dog


Final decision is herd stays in tact. I will count my pennies for my first true Surly MTB ride this Spring because the Instigator and Monkey are calling. Trusty Cross-Check stays. You can't fight love.