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This is Yokoi-san.

He owns a shop in Nagoya, Japan and is one of the hardest working people I know.  Click on this link to his website if you like, but be warned that it is in Japanese and the text might show up as mojibake.  You can still look at pretty pictures though.  Yokoi-san is a loyal Surly fan and dealer, and always comes to Interbike and Frostbike, just because...

As I was cleaning out my stuff the other day I found a memory card that Yokoi-san left me when he was here for Frostbike last month.  It was filled with photos he had taken on his trip.  I promptly uploaded them to the Surly Flickr, so if you want to see a bunch of pictures he took, including ones taken on our Pugsley ride at the MN river bottoms, please click here now. 


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Peter is Surly’s general manager. It is his duty to go to meetings and to herd this motley crew of creative, mostly anarchistic introverts into a somewhat organized unit aimed in one general direction, and that is cause for at least some reflection. Peter occasionally takes lovingly artful photos of his own stereo equipment and shares them on Facebook in much the same way others post pictures of their children or pets.

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