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You might have heard this already, but Surly is now hiring a marketing manager.  If you think you have what it takes to do this job you should go here to apply.  The link leads you to QBP's home page.  They are our parent company so don't get confused.

Many of you already know that Andy Corson has been our marketing manager for around 10 years and are probably wondering what's up. 

Andy will remain with Surly in its marketing department, responsible for driving the creative content for the brand.  Basically, he will be focusing on the stuff that he loves and is really good at while making room for another person to come in and focus on the business side of marketing for us. 

If you are interested in this job you should apply, but you must know ahead of time that you probably won't get it.  At the time of this writing the list of applicants is already piling up and I expect there will be many more.  This is a good thing, but finding the right person for this will not be a simple process. 

Thanks for reading.  Carry on.