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Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

We interrupt this occasionaly updated blog to bring you breaking news from South MPLS.  Nate writes:

my red flying monkey and brown steamroller just got stolen out of my garage one hour ago. Here is the brake down for the monkey: red surly 18" S&S coupled karate monkey, black torsion bar with red lettering, Kris holm rims on surly red hubs, and black surly cranks.

The Steamroller: Surly 56 cm brown steamroller the only real standout item on this bike are the wheels that zito gave me the hed Ardennes they say Chris Zito on the in side of the rims.

The Flying Monkey even says "Flying Monkey" on the top tube.  If you see or otherwise know the whereabouts of either of these bikes, please alert Surly News HQ.  And if possible, throw your lock on it so it can't go anywhere before investigators can do some investigatin'.  

 This is the photo Attack Ape sent.  Click here for another photo of it.

Left side view of a red Surly bike missing a front wheel, in a room with a cement floor, and shelves with CDs behind it