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If you’ve been lurking in the corners of the internet these past couple days, you’ve undoubtedly seen a photo of our latest offspring, the Pack Rat. Apparently, it was even “trending” as they say…

Well, I am here to confirm the rumors. The Pack Rat is indeed a bicycle. It indeed comes equipped with two wheels and everything else that you’d expect to see on a bike. I can also confirm that it is made of sweet, sweet steel. At the moment, that’s all I’ve been authorized to confirm or deny about it, though. For all the rest of the juicy tidbits, you’re going to have to wait a couple more weeks. If you really want to stay informed, we set up a contact form on the Pack Rat product page. Input your email address and we’ll send you everything when the time is right.

Alright, I guess we can give you one more photo of Pack Rat to whet your appetite. We’re not monsters after all.

Cyclist riding a black Surly Pack Rat bike, leans into a left turn at the bottom of a hill on a city street