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Meandering Bloggerings for January 31, 2007

Well, it's only four days until Stuporbowl X. Yup, it's this Saturday, February 3rd. There is a lot of stuff going on the whole weekend, and the real fun gets going on Friday night at CRC Coffee and Sundries. Check out http://www.stuporbowlmpls.com/ for the full poop. The weather forecast for this weekend is hella cold, so get ready, it's gonna be fun.


The other day we received an email from a Surly Super Fan who just had an Instigator built up with a full XtraCycle FreeRad to replace the Queen Family Truckster in his garage. Pretty dang sweet. It's given me some ideas of how I want to equip my Big Dummy. His has two cool seats for the kidsto ride, which is great, but no seat for the wife? I guess this will be my challenge.

Check out the pix:

Thanks to Mark Kohr for sending us the pictures!

ARROWHEAD 135 On Monday of next week (2/5) is the start of the Arrowhead 135 race in International Falls, MN. Here is a blurb from their website (http://www.arrowheadultra.com/): "The Arrowhead Winter Ultra is a non-profit human powered ultramarathon on bike, foot or skis, covering 135 miles across the Arrowhead Region of Northern Minnesota from International Falls near the Canadian border to Tower, MN. The course follows a scenic, hilly, State multi-purpose trail under extreme winter conditions starting at 7am--Monday, February 5 through Wednesday night, 7pm--Feb. 7th, 2007". Our own Grayboy Brother Sunshine will compete for the second year in a row, as will some other QBP employees, and of course Miker from Salsa has been blogging a ton on his prep for the race. Last year Grayboy finished in second place. The predicted temp at the start of the race is around -20 degrees farvegnugget, not including wind chill. Good luck Dave, Miker, and all else who compete.

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