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March of the Dumps

Well it's March already and that went fast.

The Dump keeps marching on and we're up to the 3317 version. It's not 4130 but I have lots of that in it to, NATCH!

Here is to a new month. Let's go get it. 

Angel Island, CA

Moscow, Russia

Swanage , Dorset ,UK

Emma Lake, Saskatchewan. Canada

Portland, ME

Tabulam NSW, Australia

Somewherein, France

Norfolk, Virginia

Barcelona, Spain

Hareskoven, Denmark

Hornby Island, BC, Canada

Portland, OR

Calgary, Alberta

Ville de Québec, Québec, Canada

Hey thanks for stooping by this week. If you haven't tried it you should upload your Surly to the dump.

Your bike will thank you and it's just great fun.

I might be out on a slab of ice, testing fishing capabilities of the Big Fat Dummy next week.

I'll see you out there on the water or ice in this case.



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Verdoorn is Surly’s production artist and dump curator implementing and fine-tuning the design, layout, and graphics of all things Surly, from packaging to catalogs to our website. When not obsessing over minutiae of graphic design, he can be found fishing, listening to the Grateful Dead and riding bicycles. Verdoorn, like other Surly-related visionaries, has been known to show up out of nowhere in the dead of night with a plate of chicken fingers to share. Nice work out there, Steven.

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