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We are fortunate to deal with a large number of shops that I would call, in the aggregate, "cool." That is, they tend to be places one might want to hang out, rather than simply a place to drop some dimes and walk out with the resulting consumables. There are many, and they are in many places - maybe even near you.

If you know anything at all, you know that the people to see for bikes in DeKalb, Illinois are at North Central Cyclery. These same people do a thing every year on the gravel and to promote it they make moving pictures of a kickass variety. Both previous selections have been highlighted here back then.

This time, though, things are amping up in a bigger way and they made a video about making the video that they're going to make. It all ends up making sense, I promise.

Go to this internets link and it explains itself.

Or, you might just watch this:


Then, when you're done, remind yourself of this:
And this:

Now then, don't you feel better?



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