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Last week I found waaay too many images of loaded Surlys to fit into one Dump. I thought you'd like to see more cause there are many. People have been loading shit on thier Surly's for years before it was fasionalble to do so. Maybe one of them is your Surly. Well it very well could be if you load um up in the Dump. Loaded...must be something to that. On we go.






(Yah i know you've seen it before. Just love it though)


Alright kids, I'm pretty loaded and I hope you'll get loaded this weekend. Why don't you send us photos of that? (no not that kind of loaded)

I'll make your bike famous. 

A special note to our friends down south.

Please stay safe, we're thinking about you and your families. 

I'm Treebeard,

and I'll see you out there.