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At Surly, we've been riding loaded since 1998.

We've worked hard to make sure you can take your stuff with you. We believe in racks, frame bags, cages, Bill and Ted, and let's not forget who brought you the Junk Strap. We love to ride loaded, wanna take a smoker with you? No worries. Need to haul a sound system? Not a problem. Shit, Dave once rode a cabinet home with the help of Bill and Big Dummy. If you want to haul it pack it or pull it, we've taken our experience and put it into nearly every bike we make.  (Steamroller is a different animal)

I started digging though all the photos all of you have sent us through the years and decided to share how you folks ride loaded.  Maybe it will inspire a few ideas to get the hell ottta dodge this weekend. 



Lets see what you how you ride loaded. Upload your photos HERE.


Have a great weekend, and don't get too loaded now. 

I'm Treebeard,

and I'll see you out there.