Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

At my house when I was a kid we used to start every Thanksgiving with each person at the table listing all the things that they’re thankful for.

It’s something I think about every year at this time.

Now I know that Thanksgiving has passed,  and I should move on to bigger and better “Holidays”, but I just can’t. Today I walked into work with that same question on my mind.

What am I thankful for here at Surly? It’s an easy question for me to answer.

I say: the people. Since starting here I have had the opportunity to meet and ride bikes with some really amazing people, from all kinds of places. Here is a collection of people I’ve met over the last three years. I'm thankful I met you all, these are just the ones I have pictures of, and/or the ones who hooked me up with weed...

Disclaimer: As I was getting ready for this little tome, I looked through my pictures to find that many of my favorite people that I’ve had the good fortune to meet and play with, I don’t have pictures of.  (Sorry Rich and Shona & Wayne and Jane). And some I do have pictures of, but they aren't really appropriate for this venue (begging the question: What would I find inappropriate?).  (Taz, Dave, Charlie, Tyler(not me, another one), everyone at BDO).  Plus shit loads of people my weed addled brain has simply let slip out of one of the holes.

But here are some folks I have picture of, that are mostly appropriate.

Sorry if I left you out...

It was probably cuz you called me obese in a FB comment. Ha!