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It dosen't get much cooler than Prince.


Happy 54th birthday.

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Bob is at heart a nice guy, a fact he tries hard to dispel by riding a Harley (and dressing like it), and by hunting deer, turkey, and others of God’s magnificent creatures, which he then eats because that is how you do that. He enforces Surly’s use of social media, which is not as funny as it may sound since many people in this group truly hate the very idea of social media.

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Bucketball is the answer - no matter the question. (photo courtesy DFL via Greg Smith)

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What we did on…

As previous posts have suggested, we took a little vacation last week to go ride bikes, sit around, crack a few cold ones, watch sticks burn, and build team unity while simultaneously blue-skying some measureables and delivering on some Boing-related wellness initiatves. It was fun. The destination was Minnesota's newest…

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