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Here a Eurobike


So here we are at Eurobike.  I still don’t have my clothes if you’re keeping track.  Actually that part of it seems okay.  I mean, not great, but okay.  I wash my clothes in the sink every night and ride into the exhibit hall in damp clothes each morning.  Which would have been damp anyway when I finished.  As always the beer here is awesome. 

My personal hygiene and four ingredient beer aside.  Eurobike is a pretty cool tradeshow.  It seems like it’s about ten times the size of Interbike. (it’s probably not that big, but it “seems” like it). 

This year the big trend seems to be brands talking about how eco-friendly or “green” they are.  There are lots of great big signs that say things like, “eco-friendly” and “green”.  When I looked through their booths and checked out their literature there was never really any mention of what that meant.  I mean, I understand the basic concept of eco-friendly and “green”,  I just find myself wondering if anyone else does.

As a consumer myself, who is sometimes in the position to “care” about the planet and the life forms that call it home (sometimes even people), I am fare less interested in hearing that a company is “green” no questions asked, and much more interested how they are “green” and what that really means to them.  I want to know.  It’s not that I don’t trust them. It’s that I don’t trust anyone.

Here are some of our thoughts on it at Surly.

Does this make us better than everyone else?  Hell no.  The fact that we are better than everyone else is what makes us better than everyone else.

Here’s our booth from Eurobike, cuz posts with pictures get more hits.

Also here is a Gnome and Owl that my wife painted at "craft night".

And the beer Adam and I drunk on our first night here.


Now go get “green”!!