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Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

Hello, I'm back. So normally Friday is the Dump Day but last week we had the big Get Them While They're Fat annoucement. So I had this scheduled for Monday but I wanted to give a shout out to the cool folks I met in Colorado last year. So this dump is actually leftover from Monday. You see what I did there? 

Anyway today is Dump Day and I'm glad you've stopped by. On with your cool Surly's in cool places. Here we go. 

Left side view of an olive drab Surly bike with gear, parked along a short stone wall, with mountains in the background

Trail Ridge Road, CO

Right side of a green bike with rear rack and saddlebags, parked next to a red wall

Tempe, AZ

Right side view of a green Surly bike, parked against a cement wall, next to a set up stairs

Verona, Italy

Rear view of a bike laying on it's side, on a dirt road, in a forest

Bozeman, MT

Right side view of a black Surly bike, parked next to cacti and bushes, on the side of a desert gravel road

Tempe, AZ

Front, right side view of a Surly bike, parked in tall weeds against a house

Cedar Rapids, IA

Left side view of a light blue Surly bike, parked against a large block, stone wall

Atlanta, GA

Left side view of a black bike, parked on building debris, against a brick wall with graffiti

The North Country

Right side view of a green Surly Krampus bike, parked in a field of tall grass, with trees in the background

Davis, WV

Right side view of a green Surly 1x1 bike, parked against a dirt mound

Hrad Vallis, Mars

Right side view of a black Surly bike with cardboard box strapped to the front rack, parked against a wall of hedges

Right side view of a green Surly bike loaded with gear, parked against the base of a tree

Minneapolis, MN

Right side view of a blue Surly Ice Cream Truck fat bike, parked on a rock ledge on a the side of a lake

Burlington, VT

Rear view of a Surly Pugsley fat bike, laying on it's left side in grass field next to a muddy road

Northern Colorado

Right side view of a red Surly Disc Trucker bike, loaded with gear, parked on a sidewalk against a black brick wall

Denver, CO

Downward view of a gray Surly bike, laying on it's right side in a bed, with reflective clothing laid out

Cropped view of a white Surly Pugsley bike, stacked next to another white Surly bike

San Terenzo, Italy

Right side view of a white Surly bike, parked on a stone block floor

London, UK

Zoom in of the right side of a black Surly bike, facing down a muddy trail in the woods

McArthur, OH

Right side view of 2 Surly Cross Check bikes loaded with gear, parked single file against a yellow cement wall

Esticada, OR

Well thats all for this this week folks. I'll be back next week unless I'm passed out under a bridge from too much merriment. Keep you're dumps commin! Upload them HERE.

Happy Holidays to all of you and I'll see you out there.