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This week I interrupt our regular Friday Dump Day, and dedicate this one to the Krampus!

With a reminder, that we have a Krampus Video Competition going on right now. You can read all about that here: [url=][/url].

The gist is, we're giving away three Krampus (the plural of Krampus is Krampus), to the team of three people who submit the best video. 

You've got till the 12th to get the video in.

Lacking a "best" video, we'll give the bikes to the team who's video we hate the least.  If we hate them all equally, we'll pull names out of a hat.

And now gratuitous Krampus glamor shots…

Left side view of an olive drab Surly Krampus bike, parked on a curb, on a hill, above a shipyard harbor at sunsetClose up, front view of the head tube of a green Surly bike with a Krampus face emblem on itLeft side view of a Surly Krampus bike, green, on a red brick sidewalk in front of a coffee shopFront view of a cyclist, riding a green Surly Krampus bike down a dirt trail with bushes on the sidesRear, right side view of Surly Krampus bike with gear, leaning on a rock, facing grassy hills with mountains behind themDownward view of a green Surly Krampus bike, laying at the bottom of a stone silo in the woodsFront view of a cyclist, riding a Surly Krampus bike, down a snowy trail in the forest