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Just Throwin’ this Out There

Here's a few things that I've just accepted as truth over the years:

  • The decline of the bench seat marked the decline of society.
  • Belly button lint is blue no matter what color shirt you wear.
  • Never try to stay dry at a pool party.
  • It doesn’t lightning in the winter.
  • Life’s better if you make a little room for magic from time to time.
  • Van Halen’s Van Halen came out in early 1978.  Think about that for a minute.
  • Truckers don’t like being passed on the right.
  • Casing a jump is better than rolling it.  For the soul anyways.
  • The person who is right and the person being stubborn are rarely the same person.
  • Purple popsicles are rock hard compared to all the other colors at the same temperature.
  • You’ve got a short time between when a t-shirt becomes comfortable and when you lose or ruin it.
  • Show me a woodworker and I’ll show you someone who hates sawdust.
  • If you waited thirty minutes for that pizza to cook, you can wait another five for it to cool down.
  • Using the wrong bait only wastes your time and annoys the fish.
  • Black Sabbath sold their soul for Rock & Roll.
  • Animals and people rarely share the same problems.
  • If an ice cream shop doesn’t have chocolate chip, you’re in the wrong place.
  • Some things need to be taken seriously, and those things are few and far between.
  • Plumb is always plumb and level is always level everywhere I’ve been.
  • Whatever it is you’re good at, there’s somebody out there better than you at it.
  • If you take it easy on someone who is operating out of their element, there’s a good chance they’ll do the same for you some time down the road.
  • Spend the money and get the good one.
  • When a blues singer fires up an upbeat song, better stick around for the whole thing:



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Previously a millionaire cowboy astronaut fighter pilot, A3 now makes his living designing bike parts as one of Surly’s many enginerds. He is a relatively new addition to Surly, lively and chipper but not annoying, optimistic without foolishness, and he loves to play. He brings the number of Surly employees named Andy to three, which represents a whopping 18% of our staff.

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