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Recently J. Marshall Kohtz announced to the rest of us that he wanted out as Surly product manager so that he could pursue his dream of trying to drink all the beer in Lincoln.  So, with Johnny moving on Surly is in need of a product manager to fill his shoes.  Go ahead and make jokes about filling his shoes.  We love those kind of jokes around here, though we rarely think they are funny.

If you think you are qualified, or know someone who might be, direct yourself or them to our parent company’s website to submit a resume and cover letter in digital format. 
Please don’t waste my time.  Let’s be serious here, you are going to need to know a shitload about bikes and have experience in product management, preferably in the bike industry.  I am not looking for a tile salesperson, or an electrical supply chain manager.  If you submit a resume with this as your job experience you are telling me that you don’t know jack about bicycles and that you didn’t even read the requirements before submitting your info.  This behavior will be frowned upon and then ignored, in no particular order.  Oh, and you will also need to know a buttload about the Surly brand, and you must be surly, and you must know what all this means. 
I hope Stevil applies.  That would be awesome…