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Interbike is

Interbike is just a couple of days away, and this year I’m pretty excited about the designs that our resident art freak has put together for the show. 

The thing about working with a dude like AWood, is that the best thing I can do (as the marketing buffoon in charge) is give him really cool projects and just let him go wild with them. So that’s what we did this year for our Interbike give-a-way.  I wanted to pick something that was on a pretty grand scale, but not too over the top.

So a deck of playing cards is what we came up with.  I know that AWood would be all, “Shucks, I didn’t really do nothing here…gaaaaaa.” But I want to call out that he designed the whole deck from the ground up, all the cards, not just the backs or the face cards, but really went all out and created some pretty cool shite.

Pretty neat huh?  I'm sure the knives will rub some folks the wrong way, but what can you do?

Even the fonts and suits...radness

Of course the super bad news is that unless you come to interbike, you won't be able to get a set of these. I know how much that pisses some of you off, and anyone who knows me, knows that I hate to piss people off...


Anywho, they won't be for sale and when they're gone, then they're gone.

Maybe it's not to late to sign up for consumer day.

More on Interbike to come, and I still have a tradeshow rant somewhere inside me just bursting at the seams…

Until then, Go ride