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Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

Since just about everyone is away at Interbike right now the Intergalactic World Headquarters has become strangely quiet and almost serene. I need to do something to fix that, it’s unnatural and it quite frankly makes me uncomfortable. Plus I wanted to do something for everyone while they are slaving away in Las Vegas. I want to do my part after all.

Front view of a person leaning over and throwing up, with a bike leaning on them, on a street at night

Here’s my idea:

While you are checking out the new Moonlander and lovingly caressing its fat parts why don’t you snap some pictures with those iPhones everyone keeps talking about and send them to me. They will find a nice home at Flickr. But I don’t want to see pictures of the bikes; I want to see pictures of the people working in the Surly booth. Better yet, I want to see pictures of you giving them rabbit ears or something else just as clever with them none the wiser. Email me the pictures ( or tag them at Facebook. Then at the end of the day I’ll randomly pick one out.

Here’s where it gets interesting.

I’ll grab the camcorder and go over to the cubical of whoever was in the picture I picked out. Together, we’ll rummage through their stuff then I’ll put the video up on You Tube. I might even send you something that I find on their desk, or in that locked drawer, or behind the bookshelf. You get the idea.