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Greetings. How’s the holiday season treating you? Did you get enough ham to eat? Good.

Well, friends, it’s that time again. No, I’m not talking about the time of year when we all revel that our civilization miraculously survived another year of existence. Though, that is pretty neat. I’m speaking, of course, about the release of another issue of Intelligencer unto the world. In celebration of the aforementioned triumph of survival, we thought we’d dedicate Intelligencer #4 to everything that’s happened to or because of Surly throughout these past thirteen moons.

Cover of the Intelligencer #4 magazine, laying on a table

Nestled in these pages you’ll find stories about events, trips, and new products from the past year. You’ll also find an interview with our latest Superfan, Blaine, who — I’m not even shitting you — has a fleet of twenty fat bikes in his one-bedroom apartment. It doesn’t disappoint.

An open page inside the Intelligencer magazine

Behold: Blaine


On newsstands now. Provided your local bike shop has a newsstand. And they stock said newsstand with Intelligencer. If not, don’t you worry — you can still get your waggling little fingers on a copy. Just ask them (nicely) to order from QBP using the part number MA4133 and all your wildest Intelligencer needs will soon be met.

A 2 page spread from the Intelligencer magazine, showing a photoshopped, black and white image

No Sovs were hurt in the making of Intelligencer.


Since my first blog entry happens to fall on the international day of mourning that is the anniversary of Lemmy’s death, here’s some Motörhead to get you through the day:

See ya’s next year.

A glamour portrait of Lemmy from the band, Motorhead